The Importance of Flexibility for Dancers and Cheerleaders

Does your child complain of soreness after practice or class? If they do you might want to look into our flexibility class. According to the Huffington Post, “One’s level of flexibility affects that individual’s form, alignment, the ability to have clean lines, proper technique and it prevents injury.”

We often think that the 10-15 minutes once a week is enough time to get our children where they need to be flexibility wise. This is not the case. In a perfect world our kids would be stretching every day at home or when they are not in the gym for practice or dance class but we all know this is not the case. It is like homework and we all know that kids like to put it off until the last minute (even though we all tell them this is not wise).

When tumbling, stunting, or dancing our bodies are not doing something that is physically natural. We are contorting our bodies into positions and moving our feet into positions that take a lot of work. With the help of stretching we can prevent injuries to our bodies. If a child is having trouble with a back walkover sometimes the case may not be that they are not strong enough… it could be that they don’t have the flexibility in their shoulder and thoracic area. Same goes with kids back legs turning out in their splits; they have simply not gained the flexibility in their hips and legs to train their bodies correctly. In order for athletes to move forward and gain skills faster it is important that they train their bodies correctly. If you are interested in our flexibility class please go to the registration page.

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