What is All-Star Prep?

Here at TSA we offer what we call Prep cheerleading. Prep is a team that introduces the athlete into the all- star cheerleading world. The practice times are shorter. We will practice for an hour and a half each week. The financial side of things are cheaper. We only charge $75 a month and this includes competition fees! Prep does not travel as much and only attends 3 competitions. The competitions are all-star events which includes being there with our regular all-star teams and competing under the lights on a spring floor!

Prep is a great way for kids to try all-star cheerleading out with a shorter schedule starting in September and ending in March! If you are interested in having your child in all-star prep please have them come to our evaluations at the gym on September 4th at 4pm! If your child is wanting a little more than our rec cheer program, come try out prep! We would love to add you to our TSA family!


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